A Call For a Discussion on Modesty

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In about one month, my daughter will have her 4th birthday. I fear for her. My son is rapidly approaching the age of 6, and I certainly fear for him as well. I fear for their purity in a world that sees young ladies as eye candy instead of image-bearers of the living God.

Milla Jovovich Filming “Faces In The Crowd”

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According to Variety, one of my favourite actresses is set to star in a film about a condition I know a little something about:   Milla Jovovich will star in writer-director Julien Magnat’s psychological thriller “Faces in the Crowd” for Forecast Pictures, Radar Films and Minds Eye Entertainment. Story centers on a woman who barely survives an attack by a …

Guys’ Night Out – Leafs Style


Last night Wesley and I got to go to the Maple Leafs home opener. If you’re a hockey fan or live anywhere near Toronto, you understand that these tickets are impossible to get. Often, it’s not even a question of money but availability when it comes to high profile games like the home opener, especially against the hated Montréal Canadiens. …

That You May Be Feared

theRKFChristian Life

This morning, I sat down with the intention of reading Psalm 127. As with any compelling text it was hard to put the book down and before long I was at Psalm 130. While I’ve read this often often enough before, verse 4 stood out for me in light of recent conversations with non-Christians.

Answered Prayer

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Like most Christians, I think, I find it very easy to come to God each day with a laundry list of requests. However, I know I’m guilty of not often enough reflecting on the ways that God answers prayer. This morning I was opening my notebook to write out a list of Pros & Cons for an important decision I …

Eager Anticipation

theRKFChristian Life

There are few better things in life than being greeted joyfully by your kids. Most mornings I can expect to see a very excited pair of brown eyes peeking over the child gate and bouncing with anticipation as I come down the hall. Each day as I come home from work I am attacked by two pint-sized blurs desiring hugs …

A Fabulous Ministry On Church St

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Over at the home of the World’s Most Famous Christian Blogger, guest author John Bell of New City Baptist church in Toronto writes about his ministry in Toronto’s Gay Village.

Sister, Show Mercy

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It has been on my mind for a few weeks to dig up an old post on Christian modesty that takes the clothing issue beyond “Is it pretty?” and asks: “Is it helpful, or is it hurtful, to my brothers in Christ?” In my mind, I had incorrectly attributed authorship to Paul Martin, so it wasn’t until I expanded my search that I found …

Music Of A Sovereign Comforting God

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Janis & I were commenting to each other, yesterday, about the timely selection of songs and preaching at GFC that really ministered to our needs in the wake of Wednesday’s news of our miscarriage. These songs were selected in advance by our worship leader, Josh, before he had knowledge of our loss. Sunday’s sermon on the Supremacy of God from …

Do Not Despair


I struggled a bit with whether or not I should post this message. Is it useful or silly – or is it even that good – but in the end, I realized my hang-up was once again my pride, so here it is.