It’s Very Humbling


What’s better than receiving unexpected praise?

How about seeing it posted by a company you highly respect as a leader in your industry!

The Lisa has posted a response to our 90 Day Report on our work with The Elisha Foundation. While work hasn’t progressed as quickly as I would like, TEF is starting to benefit from our SEO efforts. I can’t wait to see what will develop out of the new online community we just launched for them.

Bruce Clay Inc. is a pillar in the search industry. They are amongst the largest internet marketing agencies, with offices in several countries, and are the champions of white hat SEO. Rather than seek out ways to trick search engines, they look for ways to make sites better. Not a bad plan, I think.

We’ve adopted many of the Bruce Clay philosophies at Strider. I know Bruce won’t mind hearing that since he’s passionate about improving the search industry and establishing credibility. Long term, above-board tactics produce the best and most consistent results for our clients – a win-win.