It’s Very Humbling


What’s better than receiving unexpected praise? How about seeing it posted by a company you highly respect as a leader in your industry!

Behind The Scenes


I know it looks like I haven’t been doing much blogging – and in part that’s true. What’s also true is that I’ve been busy behind the scenes, playing with software, plugins and all that fine stuff.

Lessons In Mercy From A 3 Year Old

theRKFChristian Life

I’m very blessed to be a father, for a multitude of reasons. One of the greatest blessings is one that I underestimated prior to Wesley’s arrival in January ’05. Our heavenly Father teaches us much through the shepherding of the children He has entrusted into our care. One such lesson was taught me on Thursday night. It had been a …

The Ardent Sparrow Interview


I grew up in a small family business. I own a small business that provides search engine optimization services for other small businesses. Needless to say, I love small business!

Scared Into His Arms

theRKFChristian Life

Last night at my Nana’s house (Supernana, as many know her) we gathered with family to celebrate the anniversary of my brother and sister-in-law. With kids running rampant there were some strange and entertaining reactions! One event that really made an impression on me was early in the evening as went entered the house, with outdoor play suspended for a …


A Rival to Quality


Rival makes a great crockpot, called Versaware. It goes on the stove top, in the oven, does slow cooking … heck, I’m sure it could go on the BBQ if I allowed such a thing to desecrate my grill.

Nanny or the prince?

theRKFChristian Life

This morning in my devotions I was reading through Galatians 4. I have to admit, that at first read I wasn’t sure how helpful Galatians was going to be to my current situation in life. Honestly, I’ve been looking for a lot of passages that say something like:Your Your new small business will be greatly blessed and made to prosper …

Tired from what?


I’m exhausted and off to bed. Exhausted from what? Searching for Movable Type plugins … since this MT installation is running on the beta of 4.2 it’s slim pickings, and not all of those plugins actually work.

Hello World


For geek’s first post on his new blog, “Hello World” just seems like the appropriate title. If you’re not a geek, you won’t get it. Don’t worry – move on.