The Ardent Sparrow Interview

theRKF Service

I grew up in a small family business. I own a small business that provides search engine optimization services for other small businesses. Needless to say, I love small business!

It was my great pleasure to kick off our new small business interview series on the Strider site by interviewing my friend Rebecca Wagler, owner of The Ardent Sparrow. Becky makes beautiful handmade jewellery pieces that she sells through her website.

We’ll be using the interview series to highlight a variety of businesses from all different industries and areas. It’s my hope that small business owners will benefit from reading the interviews and that the folks being featured will get some more attention.

Disclaimer: My wife has received some jewellery from The Ardent Sparrow. That in no way influenced the interview or this post other than that Janis loved the earrings so much we want to tell the world how good Becky’s merch is!