Answered Prayer

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Like most Christians, I think, I find it very easy to come to God each day with a laundry list of requests. However, I know I’m guilty of not often enough reflecting on the ways that God answers prayer.

This morning I was opening my notebook to write out a list of Pros & Cons for an important decision I needed to pray about. I flipped to the back of the book and found a bullet point list of prayer requests I’d written down from the week of Sept 14-20, 2008. Reading through that list was a good reminder to me of where our family was a year ago, what was on our minds, and of all the ways the Lord has answered these requests throughout the last year. I can happily report that He has been completely faithful and met every need.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Wes:
    • More time for Daddy & the boy: Wes & I have been on several Daddy & Son dates, and I’ve been more mindful of including him in routine errands and quick shopping trips. It’s made for some enjoyable bonding time!
    • Better communication: It’s a natural part of a 3 yr old boy turning into a 4 yr old young man, but Wes & I have had many excellent conversations and I’ve been delighting in his ability to comprehend topics ranging from salvation to tree maintenance to reasons why it’s bad to hit your sister. Even this morning, Wes came to the unprompted conclusion that “every time Jae sins, that’s more sin Jesus has to pay for.”
    • Be brave / Love church & church people more: I’ve combined these points because this time last year Wes was a couple of weeks into his first year of Grace Kids, and each week was a tear-filled battle to pry Wes away from Daddy’s leg long enough to keep him in class. Now, Wes serves with me as a greeter/hall monitorĀ and displays much less of his trademark shyness. His handshake is firm and well-practiced, and he’s quite happy playing with other kids.
  • Jae:
    • More cuddles: Come on … what Daddy doesn’t want more cuddles from his girl? I don’t remember the specific reason for this request, but I know it’s been answered a thousand times over.
    • More bible reading: Jae has developed a love for books, including her favourite titles, The Big Picture Story Bible and Dangerous Journey. She never misses an opportunity to remind me to read a story from our catechism book each day at breakfast, and her knowledge and understanding of the gospel is growing noticeably.
    • Daddy to be more loving / Not angry: Jaedyn is a hyper little girl. She’s cute and she knows it. Needless to say, she can be a handful to manage and my temper was growing very short with her. By God’s grace, I’ve been able to remain calm (mostly) and firm with her, engaging her heart with dialogue and appropriate discipline instead of barking orders – and I think she’s responding well, praise God.
  • Jains:
    • To love her more: I do! Each day! Hallelujah!
    • Give her patience with me: Not because she was being short-tempered … but because I know me, and I know living with me requires a lot of patience that only the Holy Spirit can offer, so I figure an ongoing pre-emptive prayer campaign may save my life and her sanity. It’s working – she still loves me lots and lots!
    • Support / Appreciate / Communicate with her more: I fall very easily into the trap of letting work dominate my time and my mind. Last year I really saw a need to devote more time and attention to my wife and less to work. I think it’s working, and I pray I’ll improve more and more in this.

Those are a few highlights from a long list. I made a new list this morning, and Lord willing I will keep referring back to past lists and making new ones. I know my God is faithful, and I look forward to celebrating His faithfulness more.