Music Of A Sovereign Comforting God

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Janis & I were commenting to each other, yesterday, about the timely selection of songs and preaching at GFC that really ministered to our needs in the wake of Wednesday’s news of our miscarriage. These songs were selected in advance by our worship leader, Josh, before he had knowledge of our loss. Sunday’s sermon on the Supremacy of God from …

Do Not Despair


I struggled a bit with whether or not I should post this message. Is it useful or silly – or is it even that good – but in the end, I realized my hang-up was once again my pride, so here it is.

How Firm A Foundation

theRKFChristian Life

A few days ago we had a miscarriage. As we were waiting for the ultrasound to confirm what we suspected I missed an opportunity for evangelism, and it sparked another idea in my mind.

Venturing Some More

theRKFChristian Life

Last December I wrote a post on Venturing It All on Christ, and though it sparked some conversation on and (mostly) off the blog, I really felt at the time like I had, as Challies would say, “laid an egg” with that post. Somewhere along the way I lost the real purpose and intent of that post and never was …

Contrasting My Appetites

theRKFChristian Life

This evening I find myself in a strange position: the kids are asleep, Janis is out enjoying a well-deserved girls’ night with sisters from Church, and I’ve just one of my extra-curricular projects for work. I have a little time to spare with nothing pressing to do. At first, I started to panic, as this is a very unfamiliar situation …