And Life Goes On


I’m feeling mildly convicted for not blogging more often. I’m not sure why… as this is a new blog it’s not like I have much of an audience beyond the beautiful lady who is often staring across the desk at me as I write these posts.

Paul “I miss Sundin so I shaved my head” Martin might mock my blogging silence, but he’s on sabbatical, and therefore sans-blog, for ten weeks. I know I post more frequently than he does at the moment.

In reality, I miss writing the posts. It’s a wonderful opportunity to take a few moments to condense my thoughts on scripture, SEO, family, God, life, friends and the rest of it. Who knows, someone might actually read it! Even stranger, someone might actually like it.

Lately, I found myself very busy, even after office hours. I try not to work too much from home, but owning a start-up business doesn’t always afford that luxury. And when work isn’t occupying my time lately I’ve been upgrading this blog, adding features to Fathomless Love, creating a new Movable Type WordPress Movable Type WordPress Joomla site for someone finally ready to graduate from Blogger into a big-boy site.

I have been enjoying my morning devotions of late. I have always struggled with reading the Word and especially with prayer, but I’ve been greatly blessed over the past several months with a renewed desire for reading, for prayer – and mostly for doing them rightly. I am experimenting with different formats for prayer and reading, and in which order I combine them. So far my greatest problem is that 1 1/2 hours just isn’t enough time. Maybe I need to think faster…

In other news:

  • Janis’ blog continues to trounce mine in traffic. My feeling is this the gap will continue to grow, as she’s starting to get traffic from a link on the Desiring God blog. I don’t think even Challies has a link from them! Booyah!
  • Speaking of Challies, he mentioned Stacey’s blog today – she got more traffic in 45 minutes than she does in a typical day. Guess that just proves that Challies’ blog is the “Digg” of the Christian blogosphere. Or, maybe it’s more like the Techcrunch, and Challies is our Michael Arrington?
  • I’ve essentially had to fire an entire programming team due to a downturn in performance. An entire team. Yikes. We have some excellent candidates lined up to replace them, but man, that’s a lot of work to cover in the meantime! The Lord has been good to me and on the really tight days my inbox traffic is remarkably light.

All for now … off to play with Joomla.