Behind The Scenes


I know it looks like I haven’t been doing much blogging – and in part that’s true.

What’s also true is that I’ve been busy behind the scenes, playing with software, plugins and all that fine stuff.

This blog is running on a beta version of Movable Type 4.2RC2 – that means it’s a not-quite-ready for prime time edition of the latest from the folks at SixApart. At least it was when I created the blog. They’ve since release RC3, and I’ll be upgrading shortly. Any time you’re dealing with betas and release candidates, there will always be some hinkiness. Several of the plugins I want to use aren’t updated or are being updated. I’ve had the opportunity to give a bit of feedback in that process – which is cool.

I’ve also been amazed at how busy you can be while still needing more work. Our startup SEO company is growing and my workload seems endless – and yet we definitely need to acquire more clients. What can I say – we’re only 5 months old! We have lots of potential partnerships that need building, papers that need pushing, clients that need hand-holding, a new series of webinars starting this week, some flaky vendors to attend to – and as an added bonus, The Lisa notified me Monday (Pacific Time!) that the awesome folks at Bruce Clay (all of whom I do love) are asking for a report on our work with The Elisha Foundation. Just a little piece of about 1,100 words or so (Hey, Lisa: Not all of us are awesome a-list bloggers who can knock out 500 words in a flash of inspiration! I write in bullet points!).

So, yes … my blogging has been slacking. I actually have a few good ideas that I’d like to flush out soon… right after I get my to-do list cleared!