Day 2

theRKFChristian Life

It’s the end of Day 2 with no TV.

OK – maybe that’s a little dramatic, right now.

We’ve cancelled our satellite account, and soon we have send back one of the PVRs. Someone still has 87 cooking shows recorded. Maybe our first few days of “no TV” will actually be Jamie Oliver marathons? Yikes.

It means no late-night episodes of House on Showcase (you do NOT want to fall asleep with the TV on that channel, let me tell you!), no more CSI, Law & Order, Lost, House, 24, etc. I’m not discounting the possibility of downloading some shows, as our LCD TV has a VGA connection.

However, if TV is no longer convenient, we’ll have to plan more for watching. The effort to download, connect the laptop, etc., will force us to evaluate if a show is really worth watching. I am eager to see what this will do to our viewing habits.

In the meantime, we have more “together” time in the office. Yes, face-to-face, matching laptops, playing footsy under the desk. Mulling over Google Analytics to see who is getting more blog traffic (I’m losing).

I like “together” time.