My Right Hand Man


It’s been on my mind today that I should craft another blog post today, since the next few days are going to be very busy. I don’t want to wake up one day and find I’ve hit a 2 week dry spell. For one thing, he of the gleaming pate would mock my silence.

Once determined to write about something, my mind turned to finding a topic. I’m sure there are only so many of those rambling “here’s a few notes about my busy life” type posts that people can digest before loosing interest. It was at this point that I began to examine the source of my urgency – the pending departure of my right-hand man to a week’s vacation in the great ‘net-less waste of the north. Truly I can’t fault Jim for wanting to enjoy a week with family and friends at a beautiful cottage on a beautiful beach.

It’s just that Jim has become a very essential component to the business. In transitioning from being a sole proprietor to a larger business, I wondered how I would adapt to sharing the workload. In truth, I know I have much to learn still about delegating, assigning and training. Yet right from the start Jim has embraced his work at Strider wholeheartedly, learning, growing and pushing his own limits. He hit the ground running and has become a key component in our operations and essential to the success of our Florist 2.0 ecommerce project.

More than even his contributions and reliable work, I value having a friend and brother in Christ at my side. Not only do we share the same values but we have a friendship rooted deeper than mere common interests could afford. We are both husbands, fathers, young(ish) men seeking to serve and provide for our families through means appointed by God to bring Him glory. We begin each day at the office in prayer, and I am confident that he spends as many or more evenings in prayer for our labours.

While I appreciate his efforts each day, it is very noticeable when he’s gone. I may not have time to blog about it then, but I’ll be looking forward to his return!